Depressed Dog Stared Out The Window Every Day Until His Owner Wrote An Unbelievable Note On Neighbor’s Window

KACY AND HER DOG’S OBSESSION :Like any other day, Kacy found her dog sitting at the window staring intensely at something outside.At first, she couldn’t understand what he was doing, but with time she realized that he was looking through the neighbor’s window, the same thing was happening day by day, and despite all her … Read more

FEEDING A BETTA FISH- The best food for fish

Feeding a betta fish is usually an afterthought for most novice betta owners. The common misconception is that any fish pellets or flakes in the pet shop will be just fine. This is not the right mind set or solution. Just as proper nutrition is important for our health and wellbeing, the same can be … Read more

Petsmart aquarium-fish tanks -HOUSING A BETTA FISH

Housing is one the most critical aspects of taking care of a betta fish. The tank is literally where he or she will spend mostly all of their time. So it is crucial that it is set up in a way that allows them to live their best fish life. I recommend having proper housing … Read more


Now that we have learned about the history of bettas and how to identify them, we can look a bit more into some of their unique characteristics.These elegant little fish have very special personalities. They can be friendly and curious, or stubborn and hide at the sight of any movement outside of their aquarium. It’s … Read more

Betta Fish Variety (Tails, Colors, and Patterns)

Due to breeding, betta fish have developed a wide variety of different fins, colors, and patterns. There is so much variety in shape, size, and color that it can all be quite overwhelming, even for the experts. I break it all down below to make it as simple as possible.Tails:There is great variety in the … Read more


In order to understand how the colorful bettas we see today came about, we must travel back to Southeast Asia in the 1800s. More specifically, head to the river basins of the Mekong and Chao Phraya Rivers which run through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. There, in small peaceful streams, rice paddies, drainage ditches, and even … Read more


One of the dogs on the “Mommies and Mommies To Be” page looks so much like Mikel that she could be his sister. Her name is Carmella.Impulsively, I send off an email, asking if Carmella is due to have a litter in August. Jeri replies a few hours later. Carmella isn’t expecting, and they don’t … Read more


Deep down inside, you believe your dog can come back to you. You believe this is possible. You believe this can happen, and you also believe that you can help to make it happen. You believe all of these things, and you are right to believe them, because they’re true.You’re reading this article because you … Read more

The Fifth Step to help your DOG REINCARNATE

If your dog was your sole companion, the pleasure is even more intense.But so is the loss. Over a third of American households are single-person households.After my Australian friend Christopher lost his Gumnut, he nonetheless continued to take his morning walks in the park, carrying “poop” bags and chatting with the other dog owners, joking … Read more


You’re allowing yourself to mourn, and you’ve been learning how to listen. You’re already writing in a journal. Your dog will reincarnate. If you want your dog to come back to you, he will. But you have to want it. You have to want it so badly that you can imagine it happening.You may be … Read more