Can cat eat dog food Or Can dogs eat cat food instead of dog food ?

Can cat eat dog food ? Can i feed my cat dog food ?
Can my cat eat dog food ? Can dogs eat cat food instead of dog food ?

Those are the most asked questions out there, so the answer is “yes”, but just in case of an emergency, like if you’re out of cat food or dog food, but not on a regular basis, and here is why! There is dog food and cat food for a reason, which means there is a difference between their nutrition, and the recipes and formulas in each food.


Dogs are considered omnivorous, because dog food in general is enriched with vitamins and fibre, but lower in terms of fat and proteins, since the dogs tend to gain weight easily. On the other hand, cats are carnivores, which mean that best cat food contains high concentration of protein, fat and calories. And that’s what they need in order to carry out an active and healthy life.

The best cat food or dog food are the ones which contain all the things mentioned above, get those ingredients and you have the healthiest cat food or dog food.

2-Can dogs eat cat food instead of dog food?

No! here is one reason from many out there. Cat food contains acids that dogs can create on their own, so adding an amount of those acids to their system can lead to some serious health issues. Meanwhile, if a cat eats dog food, it will not bring the necessary nutrients she needs, and it will suffer from liver and heart problems.

So there is no alternative to cat food, and no alternative to dog food, we should stick to cat dry food or completely fresh, and to dog food! And remember if something is healthy for us doesn’t mean its cat healthy food!

3-Best dog food brands? Best cat food brands?

As we check what we eat, we should do the same with our pets, checking the ingredients and nutrition levels should be our habits, instead of checking the prices!
Buying cheap dog or cat brands food would cause our pets some serious health problems such as:

  • Obesity
  • Redness
  • Diarrhea/ Vomiting
  • Hair loss

What we recommend is feeding your pets the appropriate diet made for them, so they can live a happy, healthy and long life!