One of the dogs on the “Mommies and Mommies To Be” page looks so much like Mikel that she could be his sister. Her name is Carmella.Impulsively, I send off an email, asking if Carmella is due to have a litter in August. Jeri replies a few hours later. Carmella isn’t expecting, and they don’t … Read more


Deep down inside, you believe your dog can come back to you. You believe this is possible. You believe this can happen, and you also believe that you can help to make it happen. You believe all of these things, and you are right to believe them, because they’re true.You’re reading this article because you … Read more

The Fifth Step to help your DOG REINCARNATE

If your dog was your sole companion, the pleasure is even more intense.But so is the loss. Over a third of American households are single-person households.After my Australian friend Christopher lost his Gumnut, he nonetheless continued to take his morning walks in the park, carrying “poop” bags and chatting with the other dog owners, joking … Read more


You’re allowing yourself to mourn, and you’ve been learning how to listen. You’re already writing in a journal. Your dog will reincarnate. If you want your dog to come back to you, he will. But you have to want it. You have to want it so badly that you can imagine it happening.You may be … Read more

Ball Python Breeding : Take care of your snake during breeding

In this article, we have covered the breeding process, including How identify ovulation How to introduce the male How to prepare an egg box How to remove the eggs from the female How to keep the eggs safe during incubation There’s no doubt that a ball python makes a great pet, but you may get … Read more

Snake House : The Best Kind Of Home for Snakes-Pythons

Although they can grow to be quite large, the ball snake is toward the end marked “lazy” on the spectrum of snake activity. This means that it does not need a large home. A medium-sized vivarium, or even a large fish tank with a tightly fitted top, will suffice. In fact, a smaller home helps … Read more

Caring For Your Snake (Temperament, Handling, Feeding and Shedding)

For those who are unfamiliar with snakes, the idea that having a snake as a pet is easy is common. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although snakes don’t need to be walked or taken outside, snake owners are just as busy taking care of their pets as other pet owners, ensuring their snakes … Read more